Centre for International Health
Semester Start autumn 2019

Welcome to CIH’s Master Programme in Global Health

CIH’s new Master programme in Global Health is starting its third year. Including one year of classes and one year of field / thesis / internship, the new programme merges two previous Master programmes, one in International Health and one in Oral Sciences.

Welcome to CIH's Master in Global Health
Elinor Bartle

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The degree qualifies candidates for positions in academia, international organisations and public administration.


Record number of applicants

This year 34 students are on the list. Already 29 have contacted Linda Karin Forshaw, the administrator of the programme.

With the end of Norway’s Quota Programme, which financed many students from low income countries to come to higher education institutions in Norway, the student population taking international / global health programmes has changed from one with largely scholarship supported students to one where most students are self-financed. (Learn more about studying in Norway)

This year’s group is very heterogeneous, with slightly more women than men and representing 19 countries from 4 continents. The cohort is joined for some courses by medical students in their elective term (learn more).


New this year: internship programme

In their second year of studies, students choose between writing a 60 ECTS thesis, or combining a 30 ECTS thesis with an internship (also worth 30 ECTS). Learn more.

In particular, there is a new opportunity for internships with the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Learn  more.