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New book in occupational health

Researchers from Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Tanzania and University of Bergen (UiB), Norway, working in the Norhed II project SAFEWORKERS - Safe Work Conditions by Innovative Research and Education, have written a new book, addressing global health challenges towards obtaining a descent workplace.

Poster for book launch, blue background, yellow and white letter, and a picture to the right
Poster for the book launch
Bente E. Moen
Three people posing in front of a book shelf with books. The person on the left holds a book.
Authors Tungu, Moen and Nyarubeli posing with the book "Towards Sustainable Development: Workers’ compensation for occupational diseases and injuries in the Tanzanian socio-economic development".
G. Koldal

Main content

The book, titled "Towards Sustainable Development: Workers’ compensation for occupational diseases and injuries in the Tanzanian socio-economic development", was presented at book launch at MUHAS in September 2023.

A Tanzanian national TV channel, TBC, was present and interviewed some of the authors: Post Doc Israel Paul Nyarubeli and Professor Simon H. Mamuya from Muhas and Professor Bente E. Moen, UiB. See video on this link.

The world today is faced with an increasing number of work-related injuries, accidents, and illnesses, particularly in developing countries. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that approximately 6,400 people die from occupational accidents or diseases, and that 860,000 people suffer from work related injuries every day. The large burden of work-related deaths, diseases and injuries increases both direct and indirect costs, insurance premiums as well as decreases workers’ productivity and performance which in turn challenges global efforts towards obtaining descent workplaces. This has implications for disease prevention measures.

As global partners in addressing the magnitude of the problem, we clearly see the need for competence building in occupational health and compensations related to occupational injuries and diseases in populations and learners, institutions, and other interested parties.

The main aim of the book is to inform about occupational diseases and injuries and the possibility of compensation for people who develop such conditions. In addition, the book gives some basic information about preventive issues and risk assessment at the workplace, and we also focus on how to increase the competence in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Tanzania, African countries and globally, in general.

The book is written for bachelor and master students in occupational health, medical students, health personnel and people working in compensation funds. However, we hope the book also will be useful for anyone with interest in occupational compensation issues.

This book is authored/edited by Dr Alexander M. Tungu (MUHAS), Dr Israel P. Nyarubeli (MUHAS) and Prof Bente E. Moen (UiB) and organized by Gunhild Koldal (UiB).

The authors hope that this book will be of interest to the readers.