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Sharing ideas for research

Having trouble coming up with a good idea for your research paper or project? Or do you have plenty of ideas but find it difficult to put them all into practice? Be inspired or share your ideas at the new website Ideabasket.

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The initiators behind this newly created website, ideabasket.org, Mary Tuba and Lars Thore Fadnes, have experienced that very often good ideas come at a late stage of a task, and not uncommonly when one is about to finish a project and start something new. In other cases it is difficult to find the right ideas to work with.

This is why Mary and Lars, after a lunchtime conversation, decided they would create the “Ideabasket”. The aim of this website is to serve as a "basket" where people can post ideas as well as a place where people can pick ideas, adapt or expand them and put them into practice.

Read more about the Ideabasket at their website and more about how you can post or pick ideas.

Everyone is welcome to use this tool of sharing!