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Medical Peace Work - free online courses

Health workers in conflict areas make a remarkable effort in the medical field, but also in violence prevention and peace building. Seven free online courses are now launched for those who want to learn more about medical peace work.

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Wide target group
The courses are designed for all kinds of health workers; doctors, nurses, those working with mental health, etc., but also students in health sciences. The content of the courses is particularly relevant for those seeking to strengthen their expertise in conflict resolution and peace work, and those doing humanitarian work or working with human rights organizations domestically or abroad.

From domestic violence to nuclear weapons

The courses focus on the health consequences of war and other forms of violence, as well as health professionals' role and responsibility to promote peace. The topics range from the prevention of violence in society, domestic violence, suicide, to human rights, the relationship between poverty and violent conflicts, refugee rights and needs, ethical problems in humanitarian work, and the abolition of weapons such as landmines and nuclear weapons.

Free and available for all
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for International Health (CIH), Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy, is one of those who have been involved in the efforts to develop the courses. -The courses are free and available to all, and you can take them wherever and whenever it is suitable for you. Each course is a couple of days of work and ends with an online test. If you pass this, you can download a certificate, says Sandøy.

CIH will offer a course on this topic to the students?
-At CIH we are also looking at the possibility of offering a course with this theme to our students, Sandøy tells us. Violence and war lead to major health problems in many low-income countries, and it is natural that our graduate students have the opportunity to learn about the public health aspects of this, including what can cause violence and how it can be prevented.

You can find the courses on the website: www.medicalpeacework.org