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Early intervention research fits WUN research profile

Nine delegates from UiB participated in the 2014 annual WUN Conference, including two from CIH.

Bak fra venstre: Bjørn Erik Andersen, Jeppe Kolding og Tore Furevik. Foran fra venstre: Cecilie Svanes, Sumathi Subramaniam, Hallgeir Kismul, viserektor Anne Christine Johannessen og Sverre Ole Drønen.
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This year’s World University Network (WUN) conference took place in Cape Town, South Africa 28 March – 2 April. Professor Cecilie Svanes and Research Assistant Hallgeir Kismul from the Centre for International Health (CIH) were participants.

UiB’s Vice-rector Anne Christine Johannessen and Rector Dag Rune Olsen were part of the UiB delegation.  Both highlighted UiB’s competency within international health, which is also one of WUN’s four Global Challenge foci.

Early intervention – an important theme

Svanes participated in the pre-conference meetings where participants discussed cross-disciplines, in particular the relationship between climate change and public health.  She felt that the meetings were very productive. The emphasis was particularly on interventions. She highlighted one of the conference field trips to a long-term intervention programme, “Grow Peace”, which she feels illustrates the ideas discussed at the WUN conference.

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