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Mid-term evaluation of the GLOBVAC programme

The evaluation team finds that the GLOBVAC programme has made significant achievements in a number of areas and fills an important gap in the Norwegian funding landscape.

Ilustrasjonsbilde Globvac forskningsrådet

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It has been particularly successful in boosting the national capacity for global health and vaccination research, concludes the report.

This report presents the findings of the mid-term evaluation of GLOBVAC2 (2012–2015), as well as a brief summative impact evaluation of GLOBVAC1.

The findings are based on input from project leaders, members of the GLOBVAC Secretariat and Programme Board, external stakeholders, and an
international panel of independent experts.

The evaluation was carried out by Technopolis Group between September 2015 and February 2016.

Read the evaluation here (in Norwegian) (PDF).