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The 2020-2021 team at the Collaboratory

The team is growing! These are the students who are to bring about the student led activities for the spring semester at the Collaboratory.

Welcome to the Collaboratory!
Welcome to the Collaboratory!

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We are very happy to introduce the expanded Collaboratory team for the next coming months! These are the students who are to bring about the student led activities in partnership with researchers. The activities include the student led course CET201 – Stustainable Innovation, Bergen International Student Conference and the international exchange of ideas and experience on learning innovation and sustainability through the InterACTional (Erasmus+) network. If you are curious on our activities, ask one of us!


Marjan Shamayeli 

Master student in System Dynamics

InterACTional Erasmus+ Project

My work experience as well as my field of study are in management, with a major in public administrations and policymaking. I think there is a potential risk of overspecialization in academia that may keep different aspects of a multi-disciplinary problem apart. While it is needed to delve deep into specific subjects to get a better understanding of them, it is also crucial to make meaningful connections between research areas. I team up and hope to help The Collaboratory be a channel where students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds contribute to understanding a bigger picture of the complex problems, we are dealing with. Having this systematic view is vital to bring us together and to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that sustain.

Tori Heitmann Jørgensen

Hi! I’m Tori, I’m one of those political sciences students. I look forward to work with sustainability issues on both a local and an international level through the InternACTional Erasmus+ network. I believe that the climate crisis can be solved if we just work together, both in research and in politics.

August Simonsen 

Hi! My name is August and I study law, philosophy and history at UiB. My role at The Collaboratory is to coordinate the course CET201 Sustainable Innovation together with Marie. I'm thrilled about this opportunity to further develop a course about how we can solve the great challenges of our time through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. I want CET201 to be a course where students from different academic backgrounds can gain hands-on experience in sustainable innovation through keynote speakers, workshops and cooperation and local businesses.

Marie Hauso

My name is Marie, and I am studying Lektor i naturvitenskap on my fourth year. I specialize in biology and chemistry. I expect this to be an incredible experience, were I can test learned skills in a practical way. I will be working on CET201 (best subject) and hope I can motivate and ease a path to innovative sustainability for co-students. I look forward to collaborating with others from different disciplines than me, so I can learn across disciplines and get a new perspective on sustainability.   

Hanne Iglebæk Christensen

 I’m a master student in my final year of a comparative politics degree. In my thesis, which focuses on refugees right to international protection, I specifically look at how the two UN Global Compacts for Refugees and Migration impacts multilevel governance in a European border zone. Previously, I have worked as local organizer for the European Consortium for Political Research, as well as coordinator for Human International Documentary Film Festival. At the Collaboratory I am organising Bergen International Student Conference together with Ronya. At BISC, students will be presenting both questions and answers to some of the most crucial issues of our time; sustainability, climate change and what the future should look like. The opportunity to listen and learn from students, rather than conventional experts, is one of the things I’m is most excited about.

Ronya Reitan Solberg 

Hello! My name is Ronya and I am a master student in human geography. I am going to coordinate Bergen International Student Conference as well as the general activities at the Collaboratory the coming months. I was engaged as a volunteer from the planning phase of BISC in 2018, and I also coordinated the last conference of 2020, which was supposed to take place in March. My experience from working with the student led activities is that there is a lot of potential in interactions between students, and I look forward to working with other students who are eager to explore and approach problems in a new, creative and interdisciplinary way.