Centre for Deep Sea Research

Prominent guests waving us goodbye

Stener Kvinnsland Chair of the TMS Board and Gunn Mangerud Dean of mathematics and natural sciences in the driver seats of marine research on the bridge of G O Sars.
Atle Rotevatn
A small potpourrie from th event: Margareth Hagen discusses mineral resources with master student Maja Jæger and Runar Stokke introduce his DeepSeaQuence project to our guests. Pedro Ribeiro presents some of the research activities planned on the second leg of the CDeepSea Cruise and Marie H Eilertsen talks about the interesting macrofauna that can be found in the deep sea, while Gunn Mangerud and Atle Rotevatn use the opportunity to take a selfie with ROV Ægir6000.
Atle Rotevatn

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On the day of departure for our yearly CDeepSea summer cruise a long list of prominent guests came to visit us onboard the G O Sars. Among the visitors were representatives from the Trond Mohn Foundation, the UiB rectorate, the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences, the head of department from both Biological Sciences and Earth Science as well as the marine dean and marine director. It was a great pleasure to show them around the boat and present our many different research activities. You can read more about the objetives of this year's cruise here (in Norwegian).