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About Dragefjellet centre for learning and communication

Dragefjellet Centre for Learning and Communication is responsible for augmenting and coordinating the use of digital technology as a learning resource at The Faculty of Law. The centre aims to contribute to enhance the students education; professionally, pedagogicaly, administratively and technically. The centre also contributes to dissemination of the research done at the faculty. In addition the centre aims to be a resource for other faculties, centers and projects at the University of Bergen.

Filming i Håkonshallen
Filming UiBs degree ceremony for finished PhD candidates at Håkonshallen.
Dragefjellet lærings- og formidlingssenter

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The centre has a structure and manner of working which makes it an integrated part of the teaching and research activities at the faculty. Due to its unique characteristics, the center is an important piece in developing digitization as a tool for teaching and disseminating research at the Faculty of Law, and also at the University of Bergen.

Because a local centre is closer to the proffesion and staff, Dragefjellet Center for Learning and Communication is able to offer a different approach than the universitys central department of communication, and as such is also an important piece in developing digitization at the University of Bergen. The centre wishes to continue to serve as a production partner for teaching or research activites for other faculties and departments at the University of Bergen.

Dragefjellet Center for Learning and Communication offers:

  • mediaproduction of high quality within the areas of teaching, research and communication.
  • a centre placed in existing teaching and professional environments.
  • institutional and professional leadership. 
  • an estimate of producion costs beforehand.
  • expertice on intellectual property and publishing.

The centre is unfortunately not able to make productions outside of UiB.

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