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Russian architecture

How was it possible for the dictator Josef Stalin to be voted as the greatest Russian of all times, only just beaten by the weak czar Nicholas II? Why is it popular to use the Latin alphabet in Russian online communication and text messages? How does a language manage without having any articles? 

Subject Coordinator: Margje Post

Student advisor: Gita Pattanaik Rongevær

Exam administration: Gita Pattanaik Rongevær

Even though Russia is our largest neighbour, few of us know anything about Russian culture or speak the Russian language. Russian is a global language with 140 million people having it as their mother tongue, both within and outside Russia. It is also an important communication language for over 100 million people in many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. 
Studying Russian will open the door to a rich, interesting culture and a language that we will have an increasingly greater use for as our cooperation with Russia increases. This 3-year undergraduate course will provide you with basic skills in Russian, and a greater knowledge of the Russian language, literature and culture. It will contain subjects such as grammar, linguistics, practical use of the language, translation, literature and culture. An integrated study trip to the University of Petrozavodsk. After completing the Bachelor's programme, you can continue by opting for a 2-year Master’s programme in Russian that provides opportunities for specialization in Russian literature, culture or language. 
The study programme prepares students for relevant jobs within a wide range of fields, including journalism, diplomatic service, publishing business, international organisations, business and industry.

Important information regarding admission: For applicants who are interested in our bachelor's degrees, please note that all of our undergraduate programmes require proficiency in Norwegian. This applies to all programmes, including foreign languages, as some information and the courses will only be available in Norwegian. The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, NUCAS (Samordna opptak) coordinates the admission to regular undergraduate studies at all the universities, university colleges and state colleges in Norway.