Spanish Language and Latin-American Studies

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How can historical processes explain the enormous differences between the poor and the rich in Latin America today? In which way does the literature represent a fusion of the rich diversity of cultures and ethnic groups on the continent? How does the Spanish language develop in an increasingly globalised world?

Studies coordinator: Miguel Angel Quesada Pacheco
Student adviser: Robert Graff Bakkevold
Exam officer: Turid Daae

If you study Spanish language and Latin America, you will aquire solid knowledge about many different aspects of society on a colourful continent filled with contrasts. The programme consists of three disciplines, which, in different ways, are important and necessary for good communication.

In the language part of the programme, you will learn about grammar, dialectic differences and the relationship between language, culture and society. The selection of texts for the literary part represents an especially rich literary tradition and authors from many countries. In the cultural studies part, we will look for the origins in the past to modern day's great issues, and shine light on both historical processes and present time.

With knowlegde and skillls in Spanish language and Latin America, you can, for example, become a teacher, worj in tourism, business and the public sector, work for NGOs, or work in media, with translations and communication.

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Illustration used in article about Spanish language in Latin America in the UiB magazine Hubro.

The power of language

The language of the media separates poverty from its true causes. This is the basis of a new research project at UiB.

Bachelor programme in Spanish and Latin America

The University of Bergen does not offer any Bachelor's degree programmes taught in English. Admission to undergratudate studies require proficiency in Norwegian.

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Did you know that ...

Spanish is the most popular elective foreign language in Norwegian schools, the second most popular language of communication in the world, and the third largest language on the internet. 450 million people have Spanish as their mother tongue, and many more speak it as a foreign language.