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Application procedure for applicants from outside the EU/EEA

Admission to master's programmes for applicants from outside the European Union/EEA

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Study programmes we offer

We have updated which programmes will be offered to applicants from outside the EU/EEA. Please note that the programmes offered have changed from last year. You will find the updated list of programmes you can apply for here: 

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When to apply from programmes starting in August 2022

  • The application portal opens 1 November 2021
  • The application deadline is 1 December 2021 

1. Deadlines

1 Nov.

Application available

1 Dec.Application deadline: Remember to upload all documents by this date

Decisions published: You will receive the result of your application. If you are offered admission, this will be published at Søknadsweb and you will also be notified by e-mail.


Deadline to accept offer of admission

By 15 AprilStudent deposit: In order to obtain your official letter of acceptance and a residence permit for studies, you must deposit money into the student deposit account by the deadline. You will receive a confirmation of your deposit, normally within 5 working days after the transaction is complete.
By 1 May Letter of Acceptance: If the student deposit is tranferred within the deadline, you will receive your official letter of acceptance. You need this letter in order to apply for a residence permit for studies. 

15 May

Housing: Apply for student housing or make other living arrangements as soon as possible. You must have a place of residence in order to apply for a residence permit for studies.

JuneResidence permit: Apply for a residence permit for studies. Your application must include your official letter of acceptance and the confirmation of the paid student deposit in addition to documentation of a place of residence. For a complete and updated list of required documents, please see The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration Authorities.
Week 32Semester start-up: Mandatory attendence for new students
SeptemberVerification of application documents: Admitted students must hand in original transcripts and diplomas for a final verification. Successful verification will finalize your admission to UiB.


2. Documents

Check that you meet the miminum requirements for admission:

  1. Check the country list to ensure that you meet the requirement of an approved bachelor's degree, as well as the English language requirement and any specific documentational requirements.
  2. Check that you meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements.
  3. Ensure that you have the correct documentation to prove sufficient funding.
  4. Check if the master's programme you apply for has any additional requirements

Upload the following:

  1. Secondary school certificate / High school diploma
  2. Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma (all pages)
  3. Transcript of records including a description of the grading scale used
  4. Proof of English language proficiency
  5. Proof of sufficient funding
  6. Copy of your passport or photo ID
  7. CV including your educational background
  8. Motivation letter, maximum 450 words. Describe your personal motivation for applying to the programme you are applying for
  9. Course descriptions for all relevant courses, including academic content and syllabus/reading list
  10. Any additional documentation requirements


Document requirements:

  • Documents should be scanned from original documentation.
  • The documents must be uploaded as PDF files of good quality.
  • If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of a translation to one of these languages must accompany certified copies of your documents in the original language.

Document verification

If you are offered a place, you will be asked to hand in the original(s) of any official documents uploaded to your online application at the start of your first semester. Students who cannot present approved documentation may lose their right to study at UiB.

3. Admission requirements

Check that you meet the admission requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree
    • You must have obtained a bachelor's degree, normally of minimum 4 years' duration.
    • Your degree must be issued by an officially recognised (accredited) university or university college. Check the specific requirements for the country where you have studied in the country list
  • Academic specialisation
    • Your degree must include courses equalling at least 80 ECTS (approximately 1.5 years of full-time studies) in a subject relevant to the programme you apply for.
  • Minimum average grade
    • You must have obtained a minimum average grade of Norwegian grade C or the equivalent, to meet the entry requirement. The Norwegian grade C equals to the grade C in the ECTS system or to the US grade B. Compare your average grade with US grades.
    • Please note that meeting the minimum average grade requirement does not guarantee admission, since the admission process is highly competitive. Approximately 8 % of international applicants are granted admission.
  • English language requirements
    • You must document your English language proficiency.
    • See our English requirements for approved tests and exemptions.
  • Other admission requirements specific to the master's programme
  • Sufficient funds
    • You must document that you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses in Norway, with at least NOK 123 519.
    • Read more about how you document sufficient funds in your application to UiB.

4. Apply

1. Apply at Søknadsweb

  • From 1 November: The application portal (Søknadsweb) opens.
  • To 1 December: Final application deadline.

2. Upload your documents

  • By 1 December: Deadline to upload the required documents.

You are responsible for uploading all the required documents by the relevant deadline. You may submit documents in the application portal after the deadline. However, we cannot guarantee that these documents will be assessed.

    3. Prioritise your application alternatives

    • You can apply for a maximum of two master's programmes at Søknadsweb.
    • You can change your priority until 1 December.
    • If you are offered admission to the programme with the highest priority, the other programme will automatically be disregarded.

    5. Admission cycle 

    1 Feb - 1 MarchApplication period: You can change your application and upload new documents until the deadline 1 March.
    30 AprilOffer of admission: Applicants who are offered admission to UiB will have the result and their Letter of Acceptance published on Søkandsweb. You will also be notified by e-mail.
    30 AprilRejections: Applicants who are not offered admission will be informed by e-mail. 
    7 MayAccept the offer: Applicants with an offer of admission must accept or decline the offer of admission by 7 May
    15 MayApply for student housing: More information will be given to those who receive an offer of admission
    May/JuneStudent deposit and application for a student residence permit. More information will be given to those who receive an offer of admission. 
    Week 32Official semester start in Bergen




    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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    Scholarships and fees

    Does UiB charge tuition fees for master's degrees?

    No, UiB is publicly funded and we don't charge tuition fees.

    However, you must document that you have sufficienct funds to cover living costs, both in your aplication for admission to UiB and later on in your application for a study permit, if you are offered admission. Read more about documentation of funds.

    Does UiB offer scholarships to international students?

    Unfortunately UiB does not offer any scholarships, and we encourage you to plan accordingly.


    Am I qualified?

    How can I check if I am qualified for a master's programme?

    You can check if you meet the admission requirements by

    I complete my bachelor's degree in June next year, can I get a conditional offer of admission?

    Unfortunately UiB does not offer conditional admission for applicants from non-EU/EEA countries, due to regulations by the immigration authorities. This means that we will only process your application if all the required documents are uploaded in your application by the relevant documentation deadline.


    The application portal (Søknadsweb) - login and apply

    How do I log in at Søknadsweb? Should I log in or register using Feide?

    Follow these steps to log in and do not use Feide (only active students have such an account):

    1. Go to Søknadsweb's login page
    2. Choose International Applicant, if you are not already in that pane
    3. Register as a new international applicant
    4. Log in at Søknadsweb using the password sent to you by email

    At Søknadsweb there is no button to officially send my application, so do I just leave it and it will be dealt with?

    Søknadweb does not have a button to officially submit your application. Your application is officially complete when:

    • You have filled in your complete home address.
    • You have selected the study programmes you wish to apply for.
    • You have uploaded all the required documents.
    • You have saved the information.

    You can make changes to your application until the deadline 1 December.

      My application status says Under consideration. What does it mean?

      The status of your application will be Under consideration at Søknadsweb until we have finished processing your application.


      Required documents

      Should I upload my bachelor's degree diploma if I have completed a master's degree?

      Yes, you always have to upload your bachelor's degree diploma in your application.

      What is a transcript of records?

      This is the same as an academic transcript and is an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university, including your grades and workload (ECTS or similar).

      What should the course descriptions/syllabi contain?

      • academic content
      • syllabus/ reading list
      • teaching hours

      It is sufficient to download a version of the course description from your home university's web page and upload it in your application as a pdf. This does not need to be signed, stamped or authorised by your home university.

      The course name and code in the course description must match the course name and code in your transcript. The description should be in English or Norwegian, but if a translation is needed, it does not have to be provided by an authorized translator.

      Why does UiB require course descriptions? 

      The course descriptions are used by the academic committees to evaluate the content of your degree and assess its relevance for the master's degree you have applied for. These documents can therefore increase your chances of a successful application.

      What do I do if I don't have access to my course descriptions/syllabi?

      We realise it might be challenging to retrieve these documents. First try to contact your University to see if they have information about the courses in your degree. If your University is unable to help you, we suggest that you write a description of the content of your degree, to the best of your ability.

      You will still be able to apply even if you are unable to provide all the documentation above.  

      How do I document English language proficiency?

      Normally you must document this with an English test. If you have taken a test which is not on the list, you can email us at admission@uib.no to find out if this can be approved.

      Read more about which tests are approved and whether you may be exempt from submitting a test.

      Can I be exempt from submitting an English test if I have completed a degree programme which was taught in English?

      You can only be exempt if you have completed a programme in specific countries. Make sure you check the specific details about the country where you have studied in the list of exemptions.

      How can I document that I have sufficient funding?

      Read about how you document sufficient funds in your application to UiB.

      How long should a motivation letter be?

      Approximately 1 page (450 words).

      I have applied for two study programmes. Do I have to write two motivation letters?

      You can upload two different letters or write them as one, both will be ok.

      Do I have to upload recommendation letters?

      No, this is not a requirement and such letters will not be taken into consideration in the processing of your application.


        Uploading documents

        How do I upload documents?

        When you create your application, you follow the steps (1-5) on Søknadsweb and upload accordingly.

        If you log in later, you can choose My documents from the top menu and from there upload documents.

        I cannot find 'My documents' in the top menu - what do I do?

        If you can't find 'My documents' in the top menu, click on the three white stripes in the top left corner and you will find 'My documents' in the drop down menu.

        Do I have to upload all the documents by 1 December?

        You must upload the required documents, or an explanation of why you are not able to upload it, by 1 December. You may submit documents in the application portal after the deadline. However, we cannot guarantee that these documents will be assessed.

        Should I send any documents by post (snail mail)?

        No, we do not accept documents sent by post - you have to upload all documents to Søknadsweb. 

        We will check the original documents of admitted students after arrival at UiB.

        The list of documents at Søknadsweb contains titles like 'Learning agreement' and 'Repertoire for audition' - does this apply to me?

        The document titles listed are the same for all admissions to UiB, some of them will therefore not apply to you. You should only choose the titles that correspond to the documents you will upload. If you cannot find a relevant title, choose 'Other'.


        Other topics

        How do I get the housing guarantee? Do I have to apply for student housing now?

        You should not apply for housing now. Applicants that are granted admission to UiB, will get information by email on how and when to apply with a housing guarantee.


        Did you not find the answer to your questions above?

        Email us at admission@uib.no.

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