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Operations Area 3 (Nygårdshøyden syd)

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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science

Buildings belonging to Operations Area 3 (in alphabetical order).

301Allégaten 19983,78
308Allégaten 41, Realfagbygget47308,98
309Allégaten 55, Bjørn Trumpys hus9387,95
315Allégaten 662125,38
312Allégaten 70, Betatronen288,2
313Jahnebakken 33275
314Jahnebakken 53007,92
353Thormøhlens gate 53A4575,1
354Thormøhlens gate 53B5281,5
351Thormøhlens gate 55, Høyteknologisenteret21958,84
352Thormøhlens gate 55, Pyramide HIB0
350Thormøhlens gate 55A, Marineholmen506,29
310 3863,46