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Wittgenstein på Europeana

Wittgenstein and WAB at Europeana

A selection of Wittgenstein resources developed by WAB are now implemented in the Europeana database.

Et bilde av hvordan Wittgenstein Nachlass fremstår på Europeana
Wittgenstein Nachlass på Europeana
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Together with partners in the DM2E project the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB) has now entered Europeana, the EU's portal to a huge database of European cultural heritage. DM2E develops standards for manuscript metadata and tools and routines for implementing this data in the Europeana portal. In this work WAB has benefitted greatly from its earlier participation in the Discovery project, within which 5,000 pages from Wittgenstein's Nachlass was published Open Access online (http://www.wittgensteinsource.org/). Europeana and WittgensteinSource are now interlinked:

WAB's contribution to Europeana includes 20 manuscripts and typoscripts by Ludwig Wittgenstein, but the main focus (and the strength of Europeana) is on metadata and its implementation in e.g. the Semantic Web, cf. e.g. here.

In their work on the DM2E project WAB has been much assisted by the University Library at the University of Bergen, in particular its Section for Digital Systems and Services.