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Mini-competition in a framework agreement

Some framework agreements commit us to conducting a competition between multiple contract partners before placing a purchase order.

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What are mini competitions?

Competitions between multiple contract partners are called "mini competitions". Mini competitions must be conducted with assistance from the Procurement office, Seksjon for innkjøp.

Some framework agreements commit us to always conduct mini competitions, whereas others commit us to conduct mini competitions only if a purchase exceeds a certain value. Check the terms in the specific agreement to find out when a mini competition must be conducted. If in doubt, please contact the Procurement office.


Examples of framework agreements with mini competitions for purchases over 100 000:

  • furniture
  • shading
  • laboratory equipment

Example of a framework agreement where mini competitions shall always be conducted:

  • consultancy services for organization and management development


The procedure for conducting mini competitions will vary from agreement to agreement, and selection criteria are not necessarily the same for a mini competition as for the framework agreement itself. It is often necessary to prepare a new requirement specification for every single mini competition.