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Purchases and procurements

Individual purchases under 100.000

Each unit decide for themselves how to make individual purchases under 100.000 NOK, VAT exclusive.

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Without assistance from the Procurement section

Purchases with an estimated value under 100.000 NOK, VAT exclusive, that are not covered by an existing framework agreement, can normally be done without assistance from the Procurement section. The department/institute/entity must itself decide how to proceed with the purchase.  

How to make good purchases

In order to make purchases that provide good value for money, research the market for available products/services and consider offers from several suppliers. The scope of such market research and the number of offers to request, depend on the size of the purchase, the potential savings by getting several offers, quality differences between available goods and services, and on whether there are particular matters to be taken into consideration.

When requesting offers from several suppliers, the suppliers should get the same information at the same time, to ensure equal treatment. In order to get comparable offers that satisfy your needs, it is important to state clearly what your requirements are. Offers can be made via telephone or email. The more complex the purchase is, the more important it is to get the offer in writing. 

Reccommended procedure

  1. Make a brief description of need and use, including requirements to the good/service
  2. Assess whether you have particular requirements regarding delivery, installation, training, warranty, service and support, software or options
  3. Ask for offers covering your needs, including delivery and warranty terms
  4. Consider advantages of contacting several suppliers
  5. Ask the chosen supplier to accept UiB's general conditions for purchases (see attachments below)
  6. Finally, place a purchase order using the purchase management system

Contact the Procurement section if the prices offered exceed 100.000 NOK (VAT exclusive).

Suggestion for text in email (must be adjusted to each purchase)
<Department> requests quote for delivery of... It will be used for... We prefer a ... that can... It must ...[Describe need and use. Include appendixes]. The price quote must include delivery inside the buyer's premises DDP Incoterms 2010 VAT exclusive, to adress: [fill in address]. The price should as a minimum include a 2-year warranty. Enclosed are UiBs General conditions for purchase. We ask that the quote please be sent to us no later than XX.XX.XXXX.