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Training on the new payroll- and personnel system

Training and courses on the new payroll and HR system (SAP and the Self-Service Portal). NB: This page is updated on an ongoing basis as courses become available.

Main content

Our new system and procedures will be introduced with effect from January 2021. Lists of courses related to the new SAP system for managers and executive officers will be published on this page. The HR Portal has been replaced with the Self-Service Portal and the DFØ app. This provides employees with training in respect of the Self-Service Portal and the DFØ app. 

Webinars: Upon registration you will receive confirmation and an e-mail invitation to attend. The webinars will primarily focus on SAP system training or the Self-Service Portal.

E-learning: Log in using Feide in order to access our e-learning courses. You can take e-learning courses at any time. You will be able to return to a course for further information should you require it. 

Tutorial films and user guides: Tutorial films are short video clips which show you how to use the portal and app. User guides provide step-by-step descriptions of how to use the system. 

For managers and deputies 

BOTT Management training approval and management insight:

Video Tutorials:

Self-Service Portal user guides