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As part of World Mental Health Day, UiB organizes the webinar "Music in the workplace" with Viggo Krüger. How can music give us a voice when we need to be heard?

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Viggo Krüger believes that music is a source of joy and social expression, and can have a therapeutic effect on us - when we need it.​

In the webinar, Viggo will share with us some considerations about how music can give us a voice when we need to be heard, and when we need to be understood.

Viggo will give us 4 reasons why we should use music as a natural part of everyday life:

  1. Music releases the body's own conductors.
  2. Music brings us together.
  3. Music gives us the experience of belonging to something bigger.
  4. The music underpins democratic principles.

Viggo Krïger is associate professor at the Grieg Academy (UiB) and research leader for GAMUT - the Grieg Academy's center for music therapy research.

For most of us, music is a very important part of life. From early childhood to old age, music is with us like a playist to life itself.

Viggo Krüger

Man listening to music while workin at his computer
Unsplash.com/Miguelangel Miquelena