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UiB employees with pre-school-age children can apply for a place at one of SiB's kindergartens.

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Fagertun kindergarten is run by the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB), but is owned by the University of Bergen. This day-care centre has 51 places, 46 of which are earmarked for the university. To be eligible for one of the university's places, on admission one of the child's parents or guardians must be employed in (or about to start in) a 75 per cent or higher position at the university or a partner research centre, board, etc. The person must have the university as their daily place of work. All else being equal, priority will be given to children of female senior research fellows and post-doctoral research fellows.

The kindergartens Oppigard, Nerigard, Bortigard, Fantoft gård, Jekteviken and Blokksberg are owned and operated by SiB. These day-care centres are primarily intended for students who pay the semester fee to SiB; senior research fellows and employees at the academic institutions and SiB have second priority.