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A good basis

Do you want to disseminate your research more actively through the media? Here are some tips to get you started.

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Update your personal profile on uib.no with concrete and accessible information about your research, current projects and contact information. Remember to include your mobile number! 

Enter your fields of expertise (key words) that you think the media may search when needing an expert in your field. How to update your personal profile.  

Create a fact sheet (maximum one A4 page) with the main points about your research, important figures and facts. Send this to journalists you are in contact with.

Practice talking about your research with people who are not experts in the field. Use everyday words and practical examples.

Make sure to have good press photographs that the media can use freely. UiB has its own photography service.

Make note of journalists who write well in your field. You can contact these later on when you want to place a research story in the media.

Read the media advice from UiB and others. Download the brochure "Meet the media" (pdf, Norwegian only).

You can also contact the Communication division if you want to practice speaking with the media or learn to write better texts.