Employee Pages

Lease of homes/premises

Guest accommodation, welfare cabins, teaching rooms and cafeterias.

Guest accommodation


  • The International Centre manages the rental of approx. 42 bedsits/flats for guest researchers and other guests at UiB. Search for available guest accommodation in the electronic accommodation calendar. Rental requests can be submitted online.


  • Employees at UiB can publish adverts for rental/letting of guest accommodation both in Norway and abroad through the message service "Internal market"


Cabin hire


  •  The university has welfare cabins for hire to employees at Ustaoset in Hol municipality and at Utne in Hardanger.


Teaching rooms


  • UiB has approx 350 teaching rooms, of which the Department of Estate and Facilities Management (EIA) manages approx. 230.




Employees and students can hire SiB cafeterias for social events and parties.


Rules for use of premises


Specific rules have been adopted to govern the use of the University's premises for social gatherings, parties and for informational/promotional activities.


Rules concerning informational/promotional activities


These rules govern the various forms of informational, promotional, sales-related, advertising, campaigning and similar activities that take place on UiB's premises.