Centre for Geobiology

Useful Links for Staff

Here you will find useful links that staff members should familiarise themselves with.

Main content

Links include pages on payroll information, IT support, online registration of publications, how to stay in touch offsite, job opportunities, health centres, and student information, and much more! Some pages require a login and are for employees only.

CGB-related links

BIOInfo Weekly reports of news and information at the Department of Biology
GEOVITEN Reports of news and information at the Department of Earth Sciences
BIOintranet Internal communication for BIO


Intranett Intranett for employees of UiB
Webmail Login to Webmail email at UiB
Outlook  Login to Outlook email at UiB
FS  FS for Windows 7 users. NB! Must be opened in
 in Internet Explorer
Mi Side Login to information and learning support
system for students at UiB


Login to the home office for staff at UiB
PAGAweb Login to the payroll system at
UiB. NB! Must be opened in Internet Explorer

Support and ordering systems 

BRITA Support by IT Department, University of Bergen
(issue tracker). IT issues, telephony, ePhorte,
PAGA, Web M. M.
LYDIA Join the needs of Property Department,
University of Bergen. Operation, maintenance,
transportation, material ordering
SEBRA  Central User Administration System at UiB.
Creating a user account and password change
Rombooking Booking a room and editing schedules, UiB
Documentation and manuals for
administrative system at UiB
Kort link Create short URLs from long URLs UiB
E-postlister Management of mailing lists at UiB

Essential UiB pages

Schedules for the campus bus
På Høyden University of Bergen's own newspaper
Online directory of staff phone numbers at UiB
Regelsamling Rule book for UiB
Offentlig journal
Public information from mail records at UiB
Key information relating to health, safety and
security (HMS) at UiB
Admission cards for students and staff at the
University of Bergen
Parkeringsløyve Application for a parking permit at UiB


Reisestøtte Reporting Form for grant leave. Research-
scientific staff including fellowships
Government expense for business travel

Language aids

Search for contents of the
administrative terms from the university and
Education Sector in English
Ordbok Bokmålsordboka and Nynorsk dictionary (University of Oslo)
Ordnett.no Searchable electronic dictionaries in multiple languages.
Also Norwegian foreign dictionary and thesaurus.
Nynorsk Nynorsk dictionary online
Short nynorsk administrative Bokmål-Nynorsk dictionary
Språkrådet Orthography, synonyms, grammar, language
Government, writing rules M. M.

Library Services

Archive for the scientific
material and other research at UiB
Cristin Database for scientific activity. Publications,
projects, reporting publication points etc..
UB University Library

Library catalog. Search for authors, electronic
magazines, books, online resources, thesis etc.