Global Challenges

Funds for collaborative projects in Global Challenges for 2019

The UiB Priority Area, Global Challenges, has allocated funds to promote scientific inter-Faculty cooperation in 2019. There will be two deadlines for applications: 25 March and 25 September.

Global Challenges

The UiB Priority Area, Global Challenges, would like to promote more inter-Faculty cooperation relating to Global Challenges. The activity may be education- or research-related. All academic staff at UiB are eligible to apply. Learn more about research in Global Challenges at UiB.

The application must contain a short description of purpose, partnerships, plan for activity and budget. The application should be maximum one page.

Allocation criteria:

  • The topic must be a Global Challenge in areas of migration, health or inequality.
  • At least two Faculties must be involved in the activity.
  • The funded activity must be carried out in 2019.
  • Funds can be allocated to meetings, seminars or travel that promote inter-Faculty educational initiatives or development of applications for research projects.
  • Successful applications will be granted funding between 10 000 - 100 000 NOK

Send your application to Bente E. Moen, Centre for International Health, bente.moen@uib.no. There will be two application deadlines in 2019: 25 March and 25 September.

Contact: Marit Bakke, marit.bakke@uib.no; Tore Sætersdal. tore.satersdal@uib.no; Bente E. Moen, bente.moen@uib.no