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semiannual general assembly

IGS General Assembly 27 Aug. 2019

The second semi-annual IGS General Assembly for 2019 was held 27 August. The meeting highlighted the changes to the PhD regulations, an update on Alrek (plan is that IGS takes over 10 August 2020!) and Per Bakke, the Dean of the Medical Faculty, presented some of the most important take-home messages from the new UiB Strategy.

Guri Rørtveit

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New routines for evaluation of PhD thesis

Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy, Research Leader at IGS, presented the changes to the PhD thesis evaluation routines. Briefly, there are three options now (see image). According to Daniel Gundersen, this updated §11.5 regulation for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at the University of Bergen, now includes an option whereby the evaluation committee can recommend that the PhD candidate partially rewrite the thesis. The Vice Dean for Research Education at the Faculty of Medicine will make the final decision and set a new deadline (maximum 3 months). Contact either Sandøy or Gundersen for more information. Read more

PhD routines
Ingvild Sandøy

One year left at Kalfarveien!

Things to think about

  • Plan your move – archive what you can
  • Plan what to do with stored material (for example old paper questionnaires)
  • “Felles kastedag” 11 September from 3 pm – containers will be available in parking lot
  • Meet with other Cluster participants
  • Dialogue meeting with Clinical Psychology sometime in autumn 2019
  • Dialogue with HEMIL on-going, more can join
  • Think about semester start 2020 – plan for possible delays with new classrooms
  • Alrek General Assembly 10 September 2019. 11:30-13:30, University Aula
  • Guri Rørtveit heads the user involvement panel for Alrek Health Cluster


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Money talks!

Per Bakke, the Dean of the Medical Faculty (MED), presented his thoughts on some of the most important take-home messages from the new UiB Strategy, as it relates to IGS and MED.

External financing is increasingly important – today over half of MED’s budget comes from external funding. However, Bakke underlines that applications that prioritise IGS’, MED’s and UiB’s strategic directions will be prioritised. He stressed the importance of collaboration, particularly inter-disciplinary and cluster-based collaborations. He also stressed the need for researchers and research leaders to be actively involved giving input to the university’s strategic activity, and strategic activities at the funding level (RCN, EU).

Bakke shared some ideas including

  • Importance of continued large infrastructure funding
  • Elite programmes such as MD-MBA studies – training health professionals
  • Increased digitisation in teaching
  • Improved dissemination to the general public (for example initiatives to counteract fake news such as in the vaccination debate, working more closely with Bergen Commune)

Link to UiB’s new strategy