Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Honoured with awards

On Wednesday, Faculty Day 2023 was held at the Faculty of Medicine. During the event, TVEPS and Lars Thore Fadnes were honored with awards in various categories.

Ane Johannessen og Lars Thore Fadnes utenfor Alrek helseklynge
Ricky Heggheim

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The Centre for Interprofessional Workplace Learning (TVEPS) was awarded for outstanding initiatives in education. Professor Ane Johannessen accepted the award on behalf of the center. She has been leading TVEPS since 2017.

"Receiving this award is a great honor and joy for us at TVEPS! We are passionate about interprofessional collaborative learning and aim to contribute to a shift away from the traditional silo mentality in future health and social science education. We want to move beyond students being solely educated in their own disciplines with limited cross-disciplinary interaction," says Johannessen.

She would like to thank Merethe Hustoft, Sissel Johansson Brenna, Liv Marit Kleppe, Reidun Kjome, Anders Bærheim, Jon Vøllestad, Elin Christine Gundersen (TVEPS), Gunhild Agdesteen (TVEPS), as well as the collaborating municipalities Bergen and Øygarden.

Communicator of the Year Award Professor Lars Thore Fadnes was presented with the Communicator of the Year Award. He publishes around 20 peer-reviewed articles each year, many of which receive widespread attention globally. The article titled "Estimating impact of food choices on life expectancy: A modeling study," where Fadnes is the lead author, was covered in over 600 news stories across more than 350 news outlets worldwide.

"It's a great honor to receive this award, and it's also very gratifying that a part of the research I've contributed to has reached a relatively broad audience," says Fadnes. He also wishes to thank the team at HEMIX and BCEPS for their fruitful and enlightening collaboration.