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All of UiB’s PhD candidates must register every six months and confirm whether they are still active in the doctoral programme.

Registreringen skjer via Studentweb

What is PhD registration?

Registration takes place through a web portal (studentweb) where candidates must update and keep track of their individual doctoral degree agreement and the progress of their doctoral training. You access the portal by going to studentweb.uib.no and logging on with your personal identification number and PIN code. The registration itself is carried out in several steps with explanations and help provided at each individual step.

UiB expects you as a candidate to use the studentweb to update your contact information and training plan. The faculty will register courses and conferences. Note that the training component is maintained manually by the administration, and not in Studentweb.

It is also important that you report any absences or leaves of absence longer than 14 days in the last six months since this may affect your training period or necessitate an extension. PhD registration is a tool that enables you as a candidate to keep track of how far you have come in your doctoral training

Who does PhD registration apply to?

All candidates (including candidates admitted the same year and candidates who have submitted their thesis and are waiting to hold their public defence) must register. PhD registration also applies to external candidates who have been admitted to the programme at our faculty. PhD candidates who are on leave of absence or are absent for other reasons, must also complete PhD registration in order to confirm that they are still in the doctoral programme.

Please note that only registered candidates will have the opportunity to submit their progress report.

My training component has been approved, do I still have to register?

Yes, all candidates must register. However, if your whole training component has already been approved, it will be shown as approved in its entirety and you do not need to update the plan with all the courses you have completed.

What is the deadline for registration?

All candidates must register twice a year. The deadlines are 1 February in the spring and 1 September in the autumn. It is possible to register for some courses after this date through the same portal, but all candidates must register beforethe date mentioned in order to be regarded as active researcher training candidates.

Consequences of not registering

PhD registration is mandatory for all candidates and is part of the overall quality assurance of the doctoral programme and the follow-up of each individual candidate. The PhD regulations require PhD candidates to inform their faculty about their progress in an annual progress report. PhD registration will be part of this progress follow-up, and only candidates who have registered, will receive the link to the annual progress report. The faculty/department will follow up any candidates who fail to register in order to ensure that the candidate registers or that the candidate’s researcher training is terminated, pursuant to the PhD regulations section 4.4 Reporting, and section 5 Termination of the organised research programme prior to the contracted time.

Semester fee

PhD candidates who are employed as research fellows are exempt from paying the semester fee. With the exception of quota students who will continue to pay the semester fee.