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Guidelines for applicants to associate professor positions

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In addition to the information in the advertisement, the Faculty would like to make the following specifications:

  1. The application shall be laid out in clear paragraphs by following the format specified in Jobbnorge. Applicants may also upload other attachments, for example more detailed letters of application etc.

  2. A complete list of works involving science, teaching and popular science must be enclosed. The applicant must clearly mark those scholarly works (up to five) he or she considers to be the most significant, and include these on a separate list. These works will be subject to a more thorough review by the assessment committee. A doctoral dissertation will be viewed in this respect as one scholarly work, even if it consists of several individual works.

  3. The applicant must provide a brief account of his/her scholarly activities, including management of and participation in research projects. The account of research work shall focus particularly on the highlighted scholarly works (ref. item 2). Those parts of the scholarly output that are of highest relevance to the position as described in the advertisement should be described in detail.

  4. Sole authorship or first authorship generally counts more than secondary authorship. Applicants must therefore specify their contributions to any possible joint work or refer to a contact person who is familiar with the works and the applicant, and who the expert committee may contact for more detailed information.

  5. Former guidance of Master's/second/doctoral degree candidates should be documented where possible. The expert committee will also take into account the applicant's collaboration in research groups and the ability to organise interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation at home and abroad.

  6. The applicant must document his/her teaching expertise, so that the documentation also allows for a qualitative assessment. Teaching experience can be categorised as follows: teaching students for lower degrees (Bachelor), higher degrees (Master) and at doctorate level (PhD).

  7. Academic administrative qualifications comprise management positions and appointments in institutions, management of research projects and participation on boards, panels and committees – locally, nationally and internationally – involving relevant professional tasks.

  8. Information shall also be provided on the languages in which the applicant is able to teach.

Ref. also "Guidelines for the evaluation of applicants to associate professor positions in the Faculty of Humanities, UiB" on which the expert committee bases its evaluations: 


For applicants to associate professor positions with the Grieg Academy – Department of Music, item  2 "Competence in creative or performing arts" in the above-mentioned guidelines is of particular importance.