Department of Informatics

Information for report authors

This page contains the guidelines for the preparation and submission of reports.

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The Department supports the use of LaTeX for the preparation of the report. The Department's preferred report format is its own document class IIreport. The archive IIreport.zip contains:

  • IIreport.cls: the Department's class
  • ifpdf.sty: the ifpdf package, required by the Department's class
  • sample.tex: a sample report file, can be used as the source for your own report
  • UIBlogo.pdf: the University of Bergen's logo in PDF format
  • UIBlogo.ps: the University of Bergen's logo in PS format


The author should get a report number from the finance consultant and finalise the report using the guidelines above.

A member of the permanent academic staff should check and approve the report and then submit it to the Anya Bagge by e-mail. The e-mail should contain:

  • the complete list of authors
  • the title
  • the report number
  • the month and year
  • the report itself (as a PDF file in attachment)

Note that there will be no further quality checks.