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Eivind Senneset, UiB

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Inviting and hosting guest researchers is a natural and welcomed part of our academic work. It is, however, crucial to act according to our routines and procedures when planning to invite a guest, and visitors will need to be approved by the department leadership.

In due time, please fill in this application form.

When the application is registered, it will start an approval process and activate the administrative staff involved in the tasks related to the visit:

Evita Uglum
  • Main admin contact person
  • Will see to the leadership’s approval
  • Letter of invitation
  • Notification of HR in case a export control application is needed.
  • UiB user accounts for guests
  • Economy (see details further down)
Kine-Marie Fleime Møll
  • Office space
  • Keys and access card
  • Booking of UiB guesthouse
Marta Lopez
  • Fire Safety tour


If the department or a project hosted here will be funding any expenses (travel, accommodation, food) related to the visit:

ScenarioTo-do list

Guest stays with duration up to one month

  • The guest needs to be registered in the BetalMeg system. Linda is responsible for the registration in UiBHjelp and has all the information needed in the registration form you already filled. The back-office team at the salary office will then follow-up until the claim is settled.

Guest stays for more than one month

  1. Letter of granted stipend needed. Linda will send you and the guest this letter shortly after you registered the guest form.
  2. Linda registers the guest in the BetalMeg system.
  3. The guest needs to book an appointment at the tax office during his/her stay in Bergen: Find your tax office and book an appointment - The Norwegian Tax Administration (skatteetaten.no)
  4. Our purchaser Alexander Bruknapp will follow up the case until all information for settling the claim is gathered. The back-office team from the salary office will then proceed with the payment.

Regardless of duration of the stay, if the guest is entitled to a fee / salary ->

  • First, we need to make an assignment contract. Depending on the purpose of the assignment, eighter Karoline (HR) or Kristian/other person in the study section will place the contract order in the system.
  • The back-office team at the salary office will then follow-up until the payment is done.
  • The guest will, among other things, need to apply for a tax-card as part of this procedure.