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Regulations for reading rooms at the Faculty of Law

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Adopted by the Faculty Board on 26 April 2005 in accordance with the majority proposal from the Law Students Council (JSU). Latest amendment by the Faculty Board June 9 2015.

Section 1 Area of application for these regulations 

These regulations apply to the reading rooms at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen as well as to other reading rooms at the disposal of students at the Faculty of Law.

Section 2 General regulations – open reading rooms

The reading rooms at the Faculty of Law are open to all students with the exceptions indicated in these regulations. As a rule, the first student to use a place in the reading room is entitled to use the place for the rest of the day. Students who can not show a valid semester receipt can be asked to leave.

When a student leaves the place for more than two hours, the place should be tidied and made available for other students at the faculty who can use the place for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day, the place should be tidied and made available to other students.

The reading rooms no. 12, 13, 14 and 15 are reserved for first year students. The reservation apply until 9:00 am each day. Places that are not taken by 9 am can be freely used by other students througout the day.

Section 3 Use and tidying

When a place is no longer in use, pursuant to section2, it should be tidied, with the exceptions indicated in sections 5 and 7. By this it is understood that all personal belongings should be removed from the chair, table, desk, wall surrounding the desk as well as the bookshelf. Specific regulations apply to places that are reserved pursuant to section 5.

Users of the reading rooms should behave in such a way that they are not a nuisance to other users of the reading rooms.

The reading rooms should be quiet. Talking or whispering is not allowed. Eating in the reading rooms is not allowed.

In the reading rooms it is not permitted to use mobile phones or other electronic equipment that may disturb other users.

Section 4 Confiscation

The Faculty of Law and the Law Students Council may confiscate objects that have been left behind in defiance of section 3.

Confiscated objects must be retrieved within 10 days after the tidying took place.

The regulations in this section also apply to places that are reserved pursuant to section 5 below.

Section 5 Places reserved on application

Students who are writing their master’s thesis of 60 credits are entitled to reserve a place for the semesters in question.

Students with special medical or social needs are entitled to reserve a place for the semester in question. The places are allocated on application from students who can document the following (in order of priority):

  1. A special medical need, or
  2. Sole custody and care of small children

Students, who have been allocated a reserved place in accordance with the rules in this section, may store belongings and equipment on the reserved place also when it is not in use. Such storage is only allowed in the book shelf above the desk. The stored items should not be of nuisance to other users of the place. However, the right to store items in the book shelf does not apply in the following reading rooms: 1, 3, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15. In these reading rooms the whole desk area including the book shelf must be tidied before the place is left. Items that are left will be removed without warning.

Application for reserved place is to be delivered to the Faculty of Law. A place reservation slip is issued on production of a valid student card and semester card. The reservation slip must be placed clearly visible on the side wall of the desk.

The deadline for applications is 15. September for the autumn semester and 15. February for the spring semester. The faculty may consider applications after the deadline in exceptional circumstances where the need for reserved space occurs after the deadline. 

Reservations apply until 10 o’clock every day. If the place is not in use after 10 o’clock, the place can be used by other students for the rest of the day.


Section 6 ICT reading rooms

This section applies to reading rooms that are defined at any given time as ICT reading rooms. A notice with information stating that a room is an ICT reading room and the applicable rules must be posted outside each of these rooms.

The places must be tidied after use in accordance with sections 2 and 3.

Section 7 Use of laptops

The use of laptops is not permitted in reading room 3.

Section 8 Abuse

The right to a reserved place can be revoked if the right to a reserved place has been abused. The same applies if a student has been granted a reserved place on false grounds.

The Faculty of Law can revoke a student’s right to a reserved place also for subsequent semesters. In the event of repeated breach of the rules, the right to a reserved place may be permanently revoked.

Complaints on decisions made according to this section should be addressed to the Faculty Director.

Section 9 Amendments to regulations

Amendments to these regulations can be done by the Faculty Board.