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A project led by prof. Alexander Vasiliev has recently won a grant of the Research Council of Norway
Three new participants joined our group recently.
After the 3-month stay in Stockholm, at the Mittag-Leffler institute, the members of the Analysis group finally got back to Bergen and are ready to start dealing with new mathematical challenges again.
The Abel prize winner for 2011, John W. Milnor, holds a guest lecture, "SPHERES", in Bergen, THURSDAY May 26, 14:15, VilVite Auditorium.
Christian Autenried stayed in the Analysis group as an Erasmus student during the academic year 2010-2011, and on 11th of April he traveled back to Munich, Germany.
One more student from the Analysis Group has defended his master's thesis! His name is Qifan Li and he is our third excellent student in all senses. He worked excellently and got an excellent grade. Congratulations!
Professor Irina Markina has won a grant of the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) in the nomination FRINAT.
Congratulations to our new PhD who has successfully defended her thesis!
Two new papers on Loewner theory published as a result of collaboration with the University of Seville
A postcard from our Czech Erasmus student Vendula Exnerová
A series of seminars of the Analysis group.
After an exciting four months period waiting, with four internal candidates to the position, on wednesday March 24th it was finally announced that Jarle Berntsen is nominated Head of Department for the Mathematics Institute.
The 8th Abel prize laureate is John T. Tate (University of Texas at Austin). John Tate's scientific accomplishments span six decades and many fundamental ideas and constructions bear his hame...
It feels silent, it feels empty. The biggest tree has fallen down. It all happened so fast, and we still cannot understand it.
BBC News Science and technology reporter, Jason Palmer, looks into the case of a computer scientist, Fabrice Bellard, claiming to to have computed the mathematical constant π to nearly 2.7 trillion (2.7x10^12) digits.
Monday next week, November 2, Dept. of Mathematics, 14:00, room 534
will be held in Chillán, Chile, December 12-16, 2010.