Department of Molecular Biology

As of 1. January 2018, the Department of Molecular Biology has been merged with the Department of Biology to form the new Department of Biological Sciences (BIO). 

Please consult BIOs website to find information on our research and teaching.

Schematic figure showing a Naa60 protein attached to the golgi membrane by an alpha-helix, while acetylating the N-terminus of another transmembrane protein sitting in the golgi membrane

Hangin’ out at the Golgi

Many proteins have the Golgi apparatus as their favorite hangout place. For N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs), however, this is a rather unique characteristic as only one NAT, Naa60, was shown to localize to intracellular organelles.

Students and employees
Photo of Martina and a grey cat enjoying the sun on a lawn at Klosteret in central Bergen

Molecuar Biology Students

There are many talented and dedicated students at the Department of Biological Sciences. Here you can meet some studying Molecular Biology.

Friday seminars - common seminar series with Sars and the Computational Biology Unit (CBU)

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