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The General Herbarium

The General Herbarium covers the rest of the world and comprises around 100 000 specimens.

Fieldwork in Madagascar, Palicourea sp
Fieldwork in Madagascar, Palicourea sp
K. Kainulainen

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The herbarium contains important collections from Iran and Afghanistan by Per Wendelbo and others, and also of plants in the Urticalean Rosid clade from Central and South America by C.C. Berg and others. The majority of the flowering plant taxa in the Genereal Herbarium have been digitized and will be made available on the internet in 2022. Taxa that remain to digitize are the pteridophytes, gymnosperms and some angiosperm families in the Campanulidae/Asterid II-clade, for example Apiaceae.

The Vascular Plant Herbarium also has a type collection of around  330 specimens.