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Eksternfinansierte forskningsprosjekter

Aktive forskningsprosjekter ved Matematisk institutt

Aktive prosjekter med prosjektleder ved Matematisk institutt:


Nonlinear dispersive equations: nonlocal operators, dispersive blow-up and the soliton resolution conjecture

Bergens forskningsstiftelse (BFS) 2018-2022Didier Pilod
Pure Mathematics in NorwayBergens forskningsstiftelse (BFS) 2018-2022Sigmund Selberg

Enhancing Geothermal Reservoirs — Hydraulic and Thermal Stimulation Technology (ERiS)

NFR ENERGIX 2017-2021Inga Berre

The Arithmetic of Derived Categories

NFR FRIPRO 2017-2021Sofia Tirabassi 

Flow based interpretation of dynamic contrast imaging data

NFR FRIPRO 2017-2021Antonella Zanna

Adaptive Model and Solver Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery

VISTA 2017-2020Florin Radu
Sub-Riemannian structures on Lie groups, differential forms and PDENFR-DAAD 2017-2018Irina Markina
Thermo-Mechanical Subsurface Energy Storage (TheMSES)NFR Toppforsk 2016-2020Jan Martin Nordbotten

Bayesian Monitoring Design (BayMoDe)

NFR CLIMIT 2016-2020Guttorm Alendal

Holonomy and hypoelliptic operators on sub-Riemannian manifolds 

NFR FRIPRO mobility grant 2016-2019Erlend Grong
Stochastic processes from mathematical physics to insurance mathematicsSIU 2016-2018Bård Støve
Computing Optimal Configuration for Solar Power in Ghana (COMPCON)BKK-UiB samarbeidsavtale 2016-2018Tor Sørevik

Norwegian Research Network in Mathematical Models in Geophysical Flows, Image and Signal Processing, Topology and Geometry

NFR ISP 2015-2018Henrik Kalisch
Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for enhanced understanding of geothermal reservoir stimulation by shear-dilation treatment (GeoStim)NFR ENERGIX 2014-2017Inga Berre

Nonlinear dependence and time dynamics in financial markets 

Finansmarkedsfondet 2017-2018Bård Støve
Strategic Risk Adoption in Real Options under Multi-Horizon Regime Switching and UncertaintyFinansmarkedsfondet 2018-2019Yushu Li
Coordination of Joint Program Geothermal Energy, European Energy Research AllianceNFR (Forprosjekt - ENERGIX) 2018-2019Inga Berre
Editor of Scandinavian Journal of StatisticsUniversity of Copenhagen, KøbenhavnHans J. Skaug



Prosjekter med ekstern prosjektleder men vesentlig finansiering til Matematisk institutt:

ProsjekttittelFinansieringskilde VertsinstituttLokal kontaktperson MI

EOR upscaling - from lab to field

NFR Petromaks 2UniResearch CIPR 2017-2020Kundan Kumar

Computational aspects of univalence

NFR FRIPRO 2016-2020Institutt for informatikk, UiBBjørn Dundas

Fundamentals of CO2-Hydrocarbon Interactions for CO2 storage with EOR/EGR in offshore reservoirs: modeling, numerical methods and upscaling (CHI)

NFR CLIMIT 2016-2020

UniResearch CIPR

Florin Radu

Improving microbial selective plugging technology through experimentally based modelling and simulation (IMMENS)

NFR Petromaks 2 2016-2020UniResearch CIPRFlorin Radu
Nonlinear dynamic manipulation for industrial and service robotics applicationsNFR FRIPRO 2016-2020Institutt for kybernetikk, NTNUIrina Markina
Helseregistre for forskning ved IGSNFR 2017-2019Institutt for global helse og samfunnsøkonomi, UiBHans J. Skaug
dCod 1.0


Biologisk instituttGuttorm Alendal
Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage (STEMM-CCS)EU HORIZON 2020National Oceanography Centre, Southamption, UKGuttorm Alendal
An Integrated Geological and Mathematical Framework for the Characterization, Modelling and Simulation of Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs (ANIGMA)NFR ENERGIX 2015-2018Institutt for geovitenskap, UiBEirik Keilegavlen

CO2 Storage in the North Sea: Quantification of Uncertainties and Error Reduction (CONQUER)

NFR CLIMIT 2014-2018UniResearch CIPREirik Keilegavlen

Challenges in Preservation of Structure (CHiPS)


Institutt for matematisk fag, NTNUHans Munthe-Kaas

Structure Preserving Integrators, Discrete Integrable Systems and Algebraic Combinatorics (SPIRIT)

NFR FRIPRO 2014-2018

Institutt for matematisk fag, NTNUHans Munthe-Kaas

Efficient models for Microbially Induced CAlcite Precipitation as a seal for CO2 storage (MICAP)

NFR CLIMIT 2017-2021UniResearch CIPRKundan Kumar
Developing the PTO of the first MW-level Oseillating Wave Surge Converter (MegaRoller)EU Horizon 2020AW - Energy OY, FinlandHenrik Kalisch
PDE-based geometric modelling, image processing, and shape reconstruction (PDE-GIR)EU Horizon 2020 - MSCA-RISE-2017Bournemouth University, UKXue-Cheng Tai/Alexandr Malyshev