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The United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG) were officially launched Friday 25 September 2015. Never before have so many peoples and countries agreed about something.
Professor and research group leader Ole Frithjof Norheim is one of 22 commissioners contributing to the new Lancet Commission on Refraiming NCDs and and Injuries for the Poorest Billion.
Recruitment has reached a new stage, 82 of the targeted 120 patients have been included.
From reducing the incidence of hip fracture, to better understanding mental health and treating pain, IGS researchers have recently been involved in a number of studies presenting results that aim to improve life quality for the elderly as well as providing more support for health care professionals.
Could it be fair to use people's life-style choices with potential adverse impact on their health as criteria for priority settings in health care? This question is thoroughly addressed by a new paper recently published online in Journal of Medical Ethics. The paper is written by our research group member Kristine Bærøe together with Cornelius Cappelen.