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Ten PhD candidates and three professors from the Centre for International Health (CIH) Research School are attending a seminar on how to make a good scientific poster.
12 months of liquid HIV drugs for babies during breastfeeding from HIV positive mothers protects them from infection, shows a new study published in The Lancet.
A Registry-based research group at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) has published results from a large, population-based prospective cohort study on placental abruption.
How, and in what specific ways, can research institutions provide opportunities for their scientific employees to exercise well-qualified, ethical judgement in their research? Kristine Bærøe discusses this question in a recently published anthology on ethical judgment in research.
In this first randomised controlled trial on reablement conducted in Europe, reablement was shown to be a superior intervention than usual care.
Research group member George Ruhago successfully defended his PhD thesis "Economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of interventions or maternal and child health in Tanzania" on Friday 6yh of November.
People born into families in which someone already has cerebral palsy are themselves at elevated risk, depending on their degree of relatedness.