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The British think-thank Chatham House released its report on global health financing this week. The report is entitled "Shared Responsibilities for Health: A Coherent Global Framework for Health Financing". Global Health Priorities researcher Trygve Ottersen is co-author of the report.
A WHO report from the Consultative Group on Equity and Universal Health Coverage was published earlier this week. Global Health Priorities reseachers Trygve Ottersen and Ole F. Norheim were lead authors on the report entitled “Making fair choices on the path to universal health coverage”, with contributions from Frehiwot B. Defaye.
A new publication titled "Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in South-West Ethiopia: Estimates and Socio-Economic Inequality" by Yaliso Yaya, Kristiane Tislevoll Eide, Ole Frithjof Norheim and Bernt Lindtjørn was recently publised as open access in Plos One.
Professor Ole F. Norheim will be presenting the new WHO report "Making fair choices on the path to universal health coverage" at a seminar organized by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington on Thursday May 8th.