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Estimates of the expected remaining lifetime of critically ill patients and expected life years gained from intensive care unit (ICU) admission could inform priority setting of intensive care.
In an recent debate in the American Journal of Bioethics research group member and post doc Gry Wester participate alongside well known philosophers as Norman Daniels and Jonathan Wolff in a debate on the social determinants of health framework.
Deaths due to diarrhoea is one of the main killers of children in Sub Saharan Africa. In a new paper published in BMJ open Solomon Tessema Memire and Kjell Arne Johansson together with US examine the impact of universal public financing of rotavirus vaccination and diarrhoeal treatment in Ethiopia.
Identifying unfair health inequality is important in order to make correct priorities in health. But only a portion of observed health inequality can be explaind empircaly. A new paper explains why how we treat this unexplained inequality is not only a methodological question, but also an ethical one.