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Three more articles from the Brenk group in press

Read about druggabily predictions for RNA targets, the current state of fragment-based drug discovery for RNA, and an experimental toolbox to push drug discovery for antibiotics.

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Three more articles from the Brenk group went into press over the summer.

Two articles belong to the ChemMedChem special issue Nordic medicinal chemistry:

  1. Together with our colleague Mads Clausen from the Technical University Denmark and his team, we have reviewed the current state of  fragment-based drug discovery for RNA targets. (Lundquist, K. P.; Panchal, V.; Gotfredsen, C. H.; Brenk, R.; Clausen, M. H. Fragment-Based Drug Discovery for RNA Targets. ChemMedChem 2021. [Pubmed]|[DOI].)
  2. A team composed of colleagues of CSIR-IICT, the Department of Chemistry, and our group has published an experimental toolbox to push drug discovery for new antibiotics. (Espeland, L. O.; Georgiou, C.; Klein, R.; Bhukya, H.; Haug, B. E.; Underhaug, J.; Mainkar, P. S.; Brenk, R. An Experimental Toolbox for Structure-Based Hit Discovery for P. Aeruginosa FabF, a Promising Target for Antibiotics. ChemMedChem 2021. [Pubmed]|[DOI].)

Last, but not least, our article about druggability predictions for RNA targets has been accepted at JCIM. (Rekand, I. H.; Brenk, R. DrugPred_RNA-A Tool for Structure-Based Druggability Predictions for RNA Binding Sites. J Chem Inf Model 2021.[Pubmed]|[DOI].)


Enjoy the read and well done to everybody involved!