Geodynamics and Basin Studies

The integration and visualization of 1D, 2D and 3D data to improve reservoir prediction in shelf to deepwater sedimentary systems

PhD Sten-Andreas Grundvåg

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Supervision: William Helland-Hansen (UiB) with Erik P. Johannessen, Frode Hadler-Jacobsen and Rolf Helland (all Statoil)

Funding: Statoil 3-year scholarship (2009-2012)

The scope of this study is to investigate the stacking pattern of shelf clinoforms and to shed more light on the factors and processes controlling sand delivery to shelf zone, on the basis of an extensive new dataset from Nathorst Land, central Spitsbergen. The dataset includes onshore 2-D seismic sections, LIDAR transects, conventional outcrop profiles and a well core. This integrated approach provides a unique opportunity to improve our knowledge on the relation between subsurface and outcrop data, as well as our understanding of the geometrical and lithological architecture of a progradational shelf system. The shelf system in this case is of Eocene age and consists of interlinked shelf, slope and basin-floor segments representing the infill of a small foreland basin. The Nathorst Land dataset will also be used as a pilot case for developing a new visualization software. The study is conducted in co-operation with the Department of Informatics (UiB) and Christian Michelsen Research Institute.