Research Group Images of Knowledge

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Room HF372, 12:15pm


9th February:                                            

Project meeting: ´Texts about texts about images.´ 


16th February: Synne ytre Arne                  

 "Proust and the féerie."


9th March: Rasmus Slaattelid                        

"Forty rivers and a Lake."


23rd March: Stephan Kuhn                          

"Centre and Periphery."


6th April: Trine Krigsvoll Haagensen          

Thesis chapter presentation (title TBC)


12th April: Guest lecture: Liv Hauksen                          

"Imaging the face in the Biometric Passport" (N.B: the lecture will be held in Norwegian) 2pm, Room HF 400


13th April: Jørgen Bakke                            

Project presentation (title TBC)


20th April: John-Wilhelm Flattun              

"The Heirs of Mulmutius: Dragons, Myth, and Propaganda of the Early Tudors."


4th May: Samantha Smith                       

"Visual Culture in Bologna in the Late 1500s."


8th June: Jacolien Wubs                           

Project Presentation (title TBC)