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Program Spring 2019


Fridays 12:15 -14:00

Room HF 435.


(other days/ times are marked with '*')


February 8th: Samantha L. Smith : 'The Shroud (and the Pineapple?)'

February 21st* :  (NB: Thursday 12-2pm, in room 353) : 'Atlas' Text seminar 1 (‘Ars Oblivionaris..’ by Carruthers & Ad Herennium)

February 22nd* : (NB: different time and room HF217!)  1:30-3:30 pm : 'Atlas' Text seminar 2 ( ‘Image Acts’ by Bredekamp)

March 29th : Juliane Tiemann : 'Húsdrápa og Ragnarsdrápa: Bildebeskrivelser i diktform.'

April 10.(NB:13:15-16:00, Bryggen museum) : Seminar: Visions and Visuality in Medieval Culture (co-sponsored with Literature and Religion Research Group - LitRel) with talks by Diana Denisson, Laura Skinnebach, Henning Laugerud, and Laura Saetveit Miles.

April 25th* (NB: Thursday 12-2pm, in room 353): 'Atlas' Text Seminar 3 (the text selection will be confirmed shortly)

April 26th : Trine Krigsvoll Haagensen : Project presentation (title will be confirmed soon)

May 3rd : John-Wilhelm Flattun : 'The Kings’ two Dragons: Mythmaking and Propaganda in Edward IV and Henry VII.'

May 24th : Helen Leslie-Jacobsen : 'Figures of Knowledge - Registers and Diagrammatic Overviews in Norwegian Law Manuscripts.'

June 7th : Jens Eike Schnall : Project presentation (title will be confirmed soon)