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Workshop: Compilation and Legal History - Approaches to textbooks

On mandag may 4th, the Research group on legal culture will be hosting a workshop with the topic «Compilation and Legal History - Approaches to textbooks»

Illustrasjon av flere personer som samarbeider ved arbeid på PC
Foto: Scott Graham via Unsplash

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Om arrangementet

On Monday May 4th the Research group for Legal Culture at the Faculty of Law, the University of Bergen is hosting a workshop on legal culture via the online conference platform Zoom. Starting at 10 am there will be speakers from the University of Oslo, the University of Copenhagen, Syddansk University Odense, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Bergen.

Tentativt program:

Kl. 10:00-10:15Installing Zoom - short introductionSören Koch (University of Bergen)
Kl. 10:15-12:00Discussion: The Concept, Nature and Effects of Compilation in Medieval and Early Modern Law Adelyn Wilson (University of Aberdeen) and Sören Koch
Kl. 12:00-12:30Lunch break 
Kl. 12:30-13:00Adelyn Wilson and Andrew Simpson presents their textbook on scottish legal historyAdelyn Wilson and Andrew Simpson (University of Aberdeen)
Kl. 13:00-13:20Prepared comments from Jørn Øyrehagen SundeJørn Øyrehagen Sunde (University of Oslo)
Kl. 13:20-13:30Short break 
Kl. 13:30-14:00Helle Vogt and Morten Kjær presents their textbooks on danish legal historyHelle Vogt (University of Copenhagen) and Morten Kjær (Syddansk University Odense)
Kl. 14:00-14:20Prepared comments from Brage Thunestvedt Hatløy Brage Thunestvedt Hatløy (Universitetet i Bergen)
Kl. 14:20-14:30Concluding remarks