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The research group for legal culture welcomes master students who want to write their master thesis on legal culture. On this page you will find inspiration concerning your master thesis.

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Potential supervisors 

Several of our members supervise master students writing their master thesis on legal culture or comparative law:

Sören Koch supervises master students writing in the areas of comparative law, legal history, natural law, contract law history (especially subjects related to the early modern era, the modern era and the postmodern era), German and Norwegian legal philosophy, legal method, and a combination of comparative, historial and methodological questions. 

Siri Elisabeth Bernssen supervises students writing in the area of criminal law history and studies on tingbøker.

Marius Mikkel Kjølstad supervises students writing in the areas of modern legal history, with focus on questions relating to public law. Possible subjects may be related to the Constitution, democracy, the rule of law, human rights and legal method.

Eirik Holmøyvik.

Axel Johannes Jonsson.

Brage Thunestvedt Hatløy.