LINGCLIM: Language, climate and lifestyle
Data Collection

Survey Start: CLIMLIFE School Survey

Project leader Kjersti Fløttum and research assistant Jana Paulina Scheurer have started data collection for a school survey connected to the CLIMLIFE research project.

Presentasjon: Klimaendringer og livsstil
During spring 2021, more than 200 high school students are expected to participate in the study.
Jana Paulina Scheurer

Main content

The CLIMLIFE research project has a special focus on young people's attitudes and opinions about climate change and lifestyle. Therefore, an extensive school survey will be conducted among high school students in the Bergen municipality. The main responsibility for the practical realization of the survey lies with research asssistant Jana Paulina Scheurer. During spring 2021, Scheurer and project leader Kjersti Fløttum will visit around 20 local high school classes to conduct the online survey, and to have conversations on climate and lifestyle with the students.

After a successfull pilot study at Bergen Katedralskole, the main study has now begun. A class of first-year high school students at St. Paul gymnas were the first group to take the survey on Monday, 11th January. Against the backdrop of Covid19, the visit was a digital one. However, future school visits will be physical, if possible. After the data collection has been completed, the research group will invite all participants to a conference-style gathering at UiB, in order to present and discuss results from the study. Findings from this study will give important insights into how the young generation thinks – and talks – about climate change and lifestyle matters.