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Bio3D: New bioinformatics tools for evolutionary sequence-structure analysis

The Bio3D package includes new methods for the analysis and visualization of protein dynamics both from experimental and simulated data, integrated with tools for comparative analysis of evolutionary related protein structures and systematic retrieval of publicly available sequence and structural data.

Lars Skjærven

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Researchers from the Biorecognition group and University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) have recently released a new version of the Bio3D software package for the evolutionary sequence structure and simulation analysis. The study was published in BMC Bioinformatics December 2014, and selected as the Editor's Pick for the journal.

The Bio3D package is distributed with full source code and extensive documentation as a platform independent R package under a GPL2 license from http://thegrantlab.org/bio3d

Read more at the Bio3D web site: http://thegrantlab.org/bio3d