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Doctoral theses

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Supervisor Aurora Martinez

  1. Matthías Thórólfsson, 2003, UiB, “Biophysical Studies on Human Phenylalanine Hydroxylase: Stability and Regulation by L-Phenylalanine”
  2. Knut Teigen, 2004, UiB, “Structural and Functional Aspects of Pterin-Binding Enzymes - A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling Study”
  3. Øyvind Halskau, 2005, UiB, Structure and dynamics of the peripheral protein lactalbumin in relation to its membrane binding capability”
  4. Frederico F. Miranda, 2005, University of Coimbra, Portugal and UiB, “Phenylalanine hydroxylase. Studies on residues relevant for regulation and catalysis”
  5. Jessica S.-Liberles, 2008, UiB, “Evolution of Structure and Function in Phenylalanine Hydroxylase. With the Regulatory Properties in Sight”
  6. Khanh K. Dao, 2010, UiB, “Conformationa Dynamics, Stability and Domain Communication in Regulatory Subunit of cAMP dependent Protein Kinase. Effect of Cyclic Nucleotide Binding”
  7. Ana Calvo, 2010, UiB, “Function and regulation of phenylalanine and tyrosine hydroxylases from human and Caenorhabditis elegans”
  8. Lars Skjærven, 2011, UiB, “A computational approach for probing conformational dynamics, flexibility and allostery in the GroEL chaperone”
  9. Marte I. Flydal, 2012, UiB, ”Structure, function and regulation of non-mammalian forms of phenylalanine hydroxylase”
  10. Anne Baumann, 2013, UiB, "The peripheral binding of proteins to phospholipid membranes, with focus on α-lactalbumin and Tyrosine hydroxylase"
  11. Alexander Sauter, 2015, UiB, “Contact-dependent culture dish interactions during in vitro generation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells”
  12. Helene Bustad Johannessen (Cosupervisor with Prof. Sverre Sandberg), 2016, UiB, “Characterization of Hydroxymethylbilane Synthase and Pharmacological Chaperone Treatment for Acute Intermittent Porphyria”
  13. Oscar Aubi Catevilla, 2016, UiB, “Discovery of small-molecule activity modulators of bacterial and human phenylalanine hydroxylase”

Supervisor Knut Teigen

  1. Åge A. Skjevik, 2013, UiB, “A study of lipid bilayer dynamics and interactions with ligands"
  2. Magnus Hole, 2015, UiB, “A study of structure-function-stability relationships in tyrosine hydroxylase”