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The annual Norwegian Molecular Imaging Consortium meeting will take place at the University of Tromsø from Thursday 20th to Friday the 21st of October, 2011.
At the Department of Medicine, University of Bergen, there is one PhD and one Post Doc position available in In vivo Imaging.
The Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging arranges a new PhD course in light and force based molecular imaging. The course will be held at the Department of Physics at NTNU during the autumn 2011.
The January issue of MICs newsletter focuses on MICs high quality and efficient service in sample preparation for light and electron microscopy.
22nd– 25th of February 2011, MIC arranges a course in image processing aimed at teaching users how to better extract valuable parameters from their scientific images and how best to represent images. The course is open for all researchers.
The november edition of the MIC newsletter is intended to inform you about your research opportunities to perform image processing at MIC. In addition, it provides some information about our new booking system.
The October edition of the MIC newsletter aims to inform about the research opportunities offered by MICs High-content/High-throughput microscope as well as other new services now offered by MIC.
The board of FUGE (the Functional Genomics programme of Norway) has granted 2,3 mill NOK to be distributed to research projects in order stimulate use of bio bank material in proteomic research. This is part of the effort to stimulate researchers to utilize multiple FUGE platforms in their research and to encourage contact and interdisciplinary cooperation between the different technology... Read more
17th-18th of September MIC arranged the Second Nordic Imaging Network Symposium. Lectures and presentations revolved around the state-of-the-art within molecular-, cellular- and small animal imaging as well bio imaging informatics, the latter meaning e.g. automatic image analysis.
The partners in Medviz and the Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC) together aim to establish a large scale core facility, From Molecule to Man, for medical imaging in Bergen. The facility will comprise all relevant imaging modalities from molecular imaging to clinical scanners as well as all the relevant support functions and will have open access to all Norwegian researchers. It is now up to the NRC... Read more
There is a current imbalance between an auto-/semiautomated image acquisition processes and de facto manual image analysis. MIC, through a concerted effort with the UiB and BCCS, bioinformatics environment, aims to establish easy access and user support to state-of-the-art bioimaging software tools for (i) storage, (ii) retrieval, (iii) auto-mated analysis and (iv) visualization of the rapidly... Read more