Department of Comparative Politics

Internal UiB workshop on ‘The Politics of Inequality’

January 17th 2018, the researchers connected to the project "The Politics of Inequality" in Bergen arranged a workshop to learn about each other's research and expertise.

Project leader, Yvette Peters
Project leader Yvette Perers was very happy with the workshop, which made the different connected scholars get to know each other's research and research plans better.
Eivind Senneset

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As part of the project ‘The Politics of Inequality’, the connected scholars organized a largely internal workshop including people working directly on the project, as well as scholars that have a close relationship to the topic.

- The idea was to get together to present and discuss research and research plans, so that we learn more about what we work on. Often, we know each other and broadly know what we work on. But it is very useful to sometimes take an extra moment to learn more about who does what and how more precisely. This allows us to see more clearly where the possibilities for collaboration are, and it makes it much easier for us to start working together—also with people that are not from the same department, says project leader Yvette Peters.

The workshop was very fruitful, and various topics were discussed that are diverse but in many ways relevantly related, including; the role of money in politics, gender and age equality in politics, the fairness of certain inequalities, differences between and within different levels of government, as well as inequalities on the internet. Participating researchers have a lot of overlap in the things they study, and foundations for common projects have been laid on the basis of the workshop. The workshop included researchers, postdocs, professors, and PhD students from the department of Comparative Politics, the department of Public Administration, the department of Philosophy, and the Uni Research Rokkan center. The general program can be found here.