Department of Comparative Politics

Trial Lecture and Public Defence: Olav Elgvin

On December 18, 2020 Olav Elgvin will defend his doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen

Olav Elgvin
Olav Elgvin
Foto/ill.: Alf Tore Bergsli, Fafo

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The title of the thesis

«Between a Rock and a Hard Place. The Islamic Council of Norway and the Challenge of Representing Islam in Europe»


1st opponent: Professor Grete Brochmann, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo 

2nd opponent: Professor Göran Larsson, Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion, University of Gothenburg  

Committee chairProfessor Lise Rakner, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen

The public defence will be chaired by professor, Jan Erik Askildsen, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen 

Trial Lecture

December 18, 09.15 – 10.00 Zoom webinar

Assigned topic: “The religious dialogue approach as a mechanism for integration and social cohesion”

Public Defence

December 18, 10.30 – 14.00 Zoom webinar

Meet the Candidate after the Public Defense

Join us in Digital meeting room  directly after the public defense to meet and greet the candidate (link will be sent in chat after defence). In this meeting you may join with microphone and camera.

How to attend the trial lecture and public defence

To attend the trial lecture and defense, click on the links to Zoom webinar above.

The trial lecture will start at 09.15. and the defense at 10.30., sharp. You may leave and rejoin the meeting at any time. If the Zoom application is new to you, we recommend that you press the link well before the events to download the program.

If you want to attend as opponent ex auditorio, please send an e-mail to Adrian.Kjar@uib.no by 11.30 Friday, December 18. Other questions can also be sent here.The thesis is available on request to Adrian.Kjar@uib.no 

It is not allowed to download, print or share the thesis.

The trial lecture and defense will be recorded in case of technical difficulties. The recorded material will only be used if any member of the committee is absent due to technical errors, and we will delete it immediately after the committee has approved the events.

Open for all interested